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National Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification

Do you want to educate others on proper car seat use?

CPST’s come from many backgrounds from a caring mom or dad advocating for children’s safety to law enforcement, EMS/firefighters, public health and medical professionals.  Once you’re certified, you’ll be able to teach parents how to install their car seat properly, and how to fit their child in the seat.

The hybrid offering includes self-paced e-learning, virtual instructor-led trainings and in-person meeting components. 

40 hours within a set time frame 

usually 6 weeks

This is a certification course


Client Based Workers

Are you in a role that you can provide resources to families?

This training will help you recognizing car seat misuse, provide you with information on how to educate parents on those critical misuse issues for the safety of the child, provide a resource list for clients, and understand where to direct the family for a Certified Car Seat Technician for car seat help.  

Hands-on activities to practice identifying car seat misuse through scenarios

1.5 hour group training 

This is not a certification class


Transportation Services

Do you transport children?

Training is provided to your transportation staff to assure that children are riding safe in your company vehicles or those representing your business.  

A hands-on practice with scenarios and car seats in you company vehicles will allow your staff to gain confidence in transporting children safely.

1-2  hour group training

This is not a certification class

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